Feb. 17th, 2008

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This was Knight Rider. Loved watching that show when I was a kid. Back when The Hoff...well wasn't The Hoff but just David Hasselhoff. It's old as fuck, cheese as only the 80's can be, but basically it was a fun show that captured by imagination as a child. And fuck that Trans Am was COOL!

This is NOT Knight Rider.

Watched the "revival" show and it was just so full of FAIL!

I knew it would fail. This is 2008 give me something new! Galactica gave us something new, proving that you can take an old concept and make it cool, heck BIONIC WOMAN was cooler than this shit. I'm not against the concept of taking an old show out of the moth balls and doing something with it but please don't insult my intelligence. Just near the end when I was thinking that one of the cooler things on the show was having K.I.T.T. come out of a moving truck they have the car come out of a moving plane. But the plane isn't cool. You didn't just "one up" the old show, you just showed how unoriginal you are you silly arseholes.

Also even an "indestructible" car will MOVE when it is hit by a speeding SUV. I'm not a physics expert but even I know this. Geez this reminds me of seeing the Hulk holding back a helicopter by holding on to one of the landing struts. Argh! 2008 people! Almost 10 YEARS after 2000! Also the new car is FUG.


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