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We start by something that was surprisingly impressive. You see the Akropolis towers over Athens. It's pretty much the centerpiece and the other templs in the city arren't on the same scale....except for one which is regrettably much more damaged.

The Temple of Zeus.

See the antlike people next to it!!! Marlène and Abby are on that picture.

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Jun. 15th, 2006 12:48 pm
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The next day we went to the island of Aegina! Home of the Temple of Aphaea at it's highest point.

Here's a little catalog of our trip.

First we got to port. It was fairly early in the morning.

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So we are now up to day three of the trip. That's the day where me and Marlène split from Florent and Abby during the daytime to check out the Temple of Hepheastus. Which in frevh was promptly rebaptized by myself - Le Temple de Mes Fesses.

It's actually a rather nice temple in good condition to the God of Blacksmith and Metallurgy.

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On the second day in Athens we went to the BEACH!!!!

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Enjoy my white legs?

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My trip to Greece.

In pictures and comments:
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Okay folks I've been supposed to put these up for a while. They are public so anyone can see them even if they are not on my friend's list.

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