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Funny. I write about 10 thousand entries (in my head) that never make it to lj. Meh.

Either I'm crap at managing my time (that's certainly possible) or I just have a lot less free time lately. I'll imagine the latter since the former is depressing.

I'd like to play WoW again but I can't find any time I could devote to it that I wouldn't rather spend on other things. WoW will wait. It's not a priority.

Super positive side I've dropped a bit over 15lbs in the last 2 months. Yay me! I've reached goal #1 and now I'm setting my sight on goal #2, losing ANOTHER 15lbs. Up to now it's pretty easy. It took me a while to get my ass in gear but now that I'm on the "train" eating salads for lunch is easy.

I have no clue what to do for Halloween. Dressing up doesn't have the same magical effect it had a few years ago. Heck I might just skip it this year. Time will tell. I still "like" Halloween but I just have no clue about a costume or when I'd have time to assemble it.

School is fine. 3D Animation is pretty awesome. I really like it. I'm just doing very basic stuff but since this is the learning process I very proud of what I've learned. I wish I had a good computer at home to practice though. I'm gonna try Blender which is supposed to suck a bit less resources on a computer than Autodesk 3D MAX.

The Photoshop class isn't all that great. I'm learning "some" things but the teacher sucks and it's starting to be obvious he doesn't use photoshop anywhere near it's capacity. He seems to just be stumbling along. At least tonight we're supposed to learn more about layers which is what I personally think we should have been doing 2 weeks ago.

Work is work. I'm still "technically" looking for a roomate even though I haven't put up an ad in the past 2 months. I hate my bank. The usual.

But I feel a lot better about myself after losing bit of the weight that I gained in the past few years and things are hopefully looking up.


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